Victory Celebration – Saving Montopolis Historic Negro School

For over two years the Montopolis Neighborhood Contact Team, Montopolis Neighborhood Association, and other support from other groups, fought to save the Historic Negro School from being demolished.

On January 22nd, the City of Austin’s Special Commission voted to purchase the Historic Negro School through eminent domain.

The Negro School is one of the most important African-American historic sites in the city. It is an important artifact of segregated education in Austin and Travis County. The school functioned not only as a place for education, but also as a social and cultural center for the community.

The victory celebration will take place at 12:00 Noon on Saturday, February 16th, at the Montopolis Historic Negro School, located on 500 Montopolis Drive. Parking is available at 500 Kemp Street behind the school.

This is a family-friendly event that will feature speakers, food and beverages.

For more Info Contact: Susana Almanza, Montopolis Neighborhood Association, 512-770-7896, or Fred McGhee Ph.D, Montopolis Community Development Corporation, 512-275-6027.

A flier is available for download HERE.

Map to Montopolis Historic Negro School, 500 Montopolis Drive, Austin 78741

Please park behind the school at 500 Kemp Street.